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im still alive.
are you?
who really thinks i should start using this thing again?
holy shit i forgot this place even existed.
i dont do alot online anymore. myspace and email.. thats about it.
life is grand. i finally got a job.
i work at Old Navy. I get my first "real" paycheck in a week and hopefully we can afford the transmission for marc's car so we can quit sharing mine.
im still very much in love and very much happy.
were hoping to make it to mississippi by the end of november.
but im tired so im gonna go crawl back in bed with marc.
im still alive in case anyone wondered.
im still in michigan.
i still dont have a job.
2 interviews this week tho.
marc and i are doing good.
normal problems, but nothing out of the ordinary.
if you care to see me update more often go to one of these two places..

http://www.spicepad.com username: blacksunshine

ok guys, im BEGGING you to sign up for this site for me.
its a gaming site, it only asks like 4 questions to sign up, its COMPLETELY free and you never have to log into it again if you dont want.

it helps raise my stats to get referrals so i could really use the help.

Jun. 27th, 2006

everyone who reads this.. go sign up for me PLEASE.
its completely free. its a RPG game. if you want to play it, its funner than hell.
but if not.. just sign up so i can get my credits.
cuz you know you love me :):)


my work attire todayCollapse )

woah its holly: if you came in my store.. you'd buy stuff from me, right? since i wear clothes like that! haha
Rodney: lol
Rodney: depends on what you were selling
woah its holly: haha
woah its holly: to you? i'd sell myself.. harhar
Rodney: lol
Rodney: how much
woah its holly: im cheap.. like 5bucks.
woah its holly: and a pack of smokes.
woah its holly: i sound like an old hooker..
Rodney: lol
woah its holly: <-- "will suck for cigarettes"
Rodney: lol
Rodney: im horny
woah its holly: it was my hooker talk!
i'm in love with this chicks tattoo.
i want i want.. ;p

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i got this on myspace.
in a private messege. ♥

"i just think its fucked up when someone tries to represent themselves as this super cool nice person, and then when you try to speak to them they totally are not what they represent themselves as at all...

and its also funny that aot of times when you do encounter one of those "read dont reply" people if you insult them whatsoever then thier narcissism wont let them not reply.

i mean seriously. i just thought you seemed rad, and you are cute as could be so i emailed you. what would have been the big deal about acting civilized and emailing me back.. if you were not interested in talking to me, then you could have said why and let that be that. i didnt disrespect you in any way whatsoever but you chose to disrespect me.

really i promise you there is nothing wrong with interpersonal contact. haha

well whatever ill leave you alone now."

Apr. 27th, 2006

woah its holly: im losing it.
thatdamngood: losing what?
woah its holly: my mind.
thatdamngood: -pets your hair... you talk like you had it :)
woah its holly: :( mean.. lol

See how much my friends love me?
they're so nice.. :p


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