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Hey guys! I've long since ditched this journal. (as if most of you hadn't noticed already) I have started a new blog over at Blogger. >>>> http://www.hollyvon.blogspot.com/ <<<<< so go check it out! well..? what are you waiting for?!

I've really missed blogging, so i've decided for the new year .. that is my goal. To Blog! It shouldn't be to boring, considering i've got lots of things happening to me right now. Semi new house that were still remodeling, getting married in 3 months (AGHHHH!), normal work crap, and me!

So be a lovely and come visit me! FOLLOW ME! it only takes a google account, and if you're on the internet these days .. you have a google account. :)

See ya on the flip side!

join join join!

all of you... MUST join. it's fun and it's free!

puhleeeeeaaaaase! my username is hollyvon :)


So, basically i've just been updating my website's blog (itshollybitch.com). But i have alot of cool friends here, and i do still check my friends page and frequent several communities. so i guess what im thinking is that i should crosspost between both of them?

not that my life is that exciting..haha. but, it's fun and for some reason i like blogging. if i stay here tho, i want a new, really cool layout. only, i've been away from lj so long that i've forgotten alot. so you guys will help me out if i need it right?

ok so little update.
im living in mississippi again.
marc and i bought a trailor .. which we've completely redone and it looks nice.
the trailor is a start to fixing our bad credit, so hopefully we can upgrade to something better. if you want to see it, i've posted alot of pictures on my myspace.

http://www.myspace.com/hollysucks for more. and if you havent added me yet, do it already!!

i go into work tonight for a stupid meeting and to set up our holiday collateral.
yay, im so excited .. this is supposed to be my day off.
my jeeps radiator went out, so im driving my dad's truck.
not sure when we can get it fixed since both of us work like 7-5 everyday this week.
marc will fix it himself so we dont pay labor or anything. we just need the time.

hope you all had a good halloween!
so i have this work meeting thing tomorrow night at work. basically were all getting together to put up/decorate the store for the christmas season. but everyone's bringing snacky/fingery foods and i am clueless as to what to take.

whats your favorite snacky food? help!

oh yeah, and im back :) hi!

the good and the bad

things have been a little stressful here lately. mostly over money.. i got paid on friday and its already gone and its like where did it go? to fee's. our checking account went negative and we had several checks that bounced and its totally fucked us. we gave his mom our last 40$ in our checking account last night bc we owed it to her and she needed it. so we have a wopping .86cents to our name.

yesterday marc did get a job. he starts today at 3. we moved into his dad's trailor which now means that we have bills to pay, so this is a huge relief to me. but we still have to survive for 2 weeks before either of us gets another pay check.

so today, im sitting here in bed watching CMT and typing in this because i really dont want to get up and starting doing anything. my goal is to clean the trailor and finish unpacking all of our stuff and organize everything a little bit. the main focus's being dishes, the cats litter box and cleaning the hamster cage. oh and the laundry.

im off the next 3 days so hopefully i can get alot accomplished. marcs been working on his car, but his racing is going to be postponed alittle longer now that hes working, so until he gets switched to 1st or 3rd shift he wont be able to do his test and tunes or race either. but money is just a little more important to us right now.. or me anyways.

alright, im out. cleaning, and moving stuff. have a great day!! <3

guess whos back?!

hey guys! miss me?
so im back, for good this time. i promise. daily updating like old times!!

im still in michigan. me and marc moved into his dad's trailor, so at least we finally have our own place now. im working in a petstore and its pretty cool. ive met some awesome people. i have a new website thats getting ready to be launched, so thats exciting! its pinkstarz.org. im back into doing the camgirl thing.. mainly bc i think its fun and i enjoy doing it.

with that said.. all new usericons, new layout/look, working on the userinfo and joining some new communities too!
i try and try to overcome the depression that i slowly feel seeping its way back into my life, but its starting to overtake me. he does little things, mostly joking around. and even tho i know he's joking it still hurts. i keep telling myself that ive found the man of my dreams and that im happy .. were practically engaged for real now (were paying off the rings as we speak). so why do i still feel like my life should be over? that everything would be so much better if i wasnt here? why cant i just dissapear? when i meet someone with the answer ... maybe i could fix my problem.

my life .. never a dull moment

so everyone thinks i should update this thing again. well here's a big one.. are you ready for it?

since july i've lived here in michigan with my boyfriend/fiance Marc and his mom and his sister and her daughter.. and for a while her exboyfriend/babysdaddy. quite a few people all under one roof. it took me a few months to find a job, but i finally found one that i sorta like. of course i hate working, but someone has to bring home the bread. marcs had several jobs in the last few months but none that have really panned out. so money has been a big struggle for us here lately. i feel as tho my life is falling off the tracks and i dont really have a reason why. things with marc are perfect. he does everything i ask for and more. i really have no reason to complain but yet i always seem to find something to be mad about. im becoming really depressed and i hate that feeling. i want to be out of this house and on my own again. i miss that. i want a life worth living. im ready to settle down and actually become a family. im tired of struggling and having nothing. i want a future, and right now my future is looking very bleak and unstable. i want to feel safe and secure and taken care of. i want to be responsible for the first time in my life. but enough with that stuff right? other than that, i've lost 40 pounds, i have a dog and 2 cats, i work in a petstore and i finally have somewhat of a social life.

pictures?Collapse )

also, does anyone have any webspace they'd want to host me on? i really dont want to go thru geoshitties or some other crap site and until i can afford to host my own again i figured i'd at least ask :)


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