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my life .. never a dull moment

so everyone thinks i should update this thing again. well here's a big one.. are you ready for it?

since july i've lived here in michigan with my boyfriend/fiance Marc and his mom and his sister and her daughter.. and for a while her exboyfriend/babysdaddy. quite a few people all under one roof. it took me a few months to find a job, but i finally found one that i sorta like. of course i hate working, but someone has to bring home the bread. marcs had several jobs in the last few months but none that have really panned out. so money has been a big struggle for us here lately. i feel as tho my life is falling off the tracks and i dont really have a reason why. things with marc are perfect. he does everything i ask for and more. i really have no reason to complain but yet i always seem to find something to be mad about. im becoming really depressed and i hate that feeling. i want to be out of this house and on my own again. i miss that. i want a life worth living. im ready to settle down and actually become a family. im tired of struggling and having nothing. i want a future, and right now my future is looking very bleak and unstable. i want to feel safe and secure and taken care of. i want to be responsible for the first time in my life. but enough with that stuff right? other than that, i've lost 40 pounds, i have a dog and 2 cats, i work in a petstore and i finally have somewhat of a social life.

also, does anyone have any webspace they'd want to host me on? i really dont want to go thru geoshitties or some other crap site and until i can afford to host my own again i figured i'd at least ask :)


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Jan. 5th, 2007 12:10 am (UTC)
Still very beautiful and cool you live here in Michigan
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