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the good and the bad

things have been a little stressful here lately. mostly over money.. i got paid on friday and its already gone and its like where did it go? to fee's. our checking account went negative and we had several checks that bounced and its totally fucked us. we gave his mom our last 40$ in our checking account last night bc we owed it to her and she needed it. so we have a wopping .86cents to our name.

yesterday marc did get a job. he starts today at 3. we moved into his dad's trailor which now means that we have bills to pay, so this is a huge relief to me. but we still have to survive for 2 weeks before either of us gets another pay check.

so today, im sitting here in bed watching CMT and typing in this because i really dont want to get up and starting doing anything. my goal is to clean the trailor and finish unpacking all of our stuff and organize everything a little bit. the main focus's being dishes, the cats litter box and cleaning the hamster cage. oh and the laundry.

im off the next 3 days so hopefully i can get alot accomplished. marcs been working on his car, but his racing is going to be postponed alittle longer now that hes working, so until he gets switched to 1st or 3rd shift he wont be able to do his test and tunes or race either. but money is just a little more important to us right now.. or me anyways.

alright, im out. cleaning, and moving stuff. have a great day!! <3


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May. 1st, 2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
hang in there.. im here if u need anything.. Hugssss
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